Bob Donchez: I’m Troubled By the Results of My Voting Record on Public Safety

Lynn Olanoff is my favorite person for putting these two paragraphs right next to each other:

Donchez wants to evaluate the staffing levels of Bethlehem’s police, fire and EMS departments. He said he’s troubled the city has only 149 police officers, compared to a staffing high of 161 a few years ago.

As a councilman, Donchez voted on the lower staffing levelsas part of the overall city budget but said he’s working on a financial plan to provide for more public safety funding. He said he’ll reveal details on his financial plan at a later news conference.

So Donchez is promising to hire a dozen more cops, but hand-waiving away the issue of how to pay for it, aka the whole issue with hiring more cops. Why not just promise everybody a pony while you’re at it?

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