Team Nice Modern Park

The end product will be some combination of the historical and the modern, but to hit the right balance, Bethlehem’s Hoover Mason Trestle Park is going to need some unreasonable extremists on the Team Modern Park side to be as persistent as the history worship crowd will be about making you smell the blast furnaces (why??) and see people in steelworker costumes when all you want to do is visit a nice park.

The goal should be to make a very nice modern park that also serves as a functional walking space on the Bethworks site. It should be funded with value capture (aka land taxes) on the surrounding land to push landowners to hurry up and build nice modern buildings on the lots next to it. People will want to incorporate history into the experience, because it’s Bethlehem, and I think that could be done tastefully, but my opinion is that this element should be as ignorable as possible.

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