Sotto Santi Moves Up the Cost-Quality Curve

It’s a good sign for Southside Bethlehem’s economy that you see Sotto Santi retooling to serve a more discerning customer base, and it’s also a testament to the awesome powers of competition. Molinari’s showed you can succeed selling Italian food in Bethlehem at a higher point on the cost-quality curve, opening up an opportunity for somebody to sell pizza between Lehigh Pizza quality and Molinari’s quality.

Sotto Santi’s filling in the gap, updating their menu, and adding craft beer and vegan and gluten-free options:

Bethlehem’s Sotto Santi is famous for its dollar slices.

But owner Anthony Spagnola says his West Fourth Street eatery is far more than a place to go for affordable pizza.

So Spagnola recently renovated the restaurant he’s owned for nine years, including an expansion of the bar, new paint, new tables and chairs, upgraded bathrooms and a new counter for to-go orders.

“You used to walk in and it was gray with beer signs,” Manager Lauren Sunday says. “People didn’t know you could get all these Italian specialties.”

Spagnola also added 12 beer taps to the existing eight — on which he plans to feature more microbrews — and added vegan and gluten-free options to the menu.

(via Lynn Olanoff)


  1. Jon, thank you for your kind words re Molinari’s. We strive for excellence in all we do. We hope to continue to improve as we leave infancy behind and get into our second year.
    Fran Molinari, owner, Molinari’s

  2. Thanks for the comment Fran! Love your restaurant. I’m always telling people your food is better than the Northside Italian places. I’ll introduce myself next time I’m in.

  3. They have great food there

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