Donchez Gets Caught Pretending the Bethlehem Police Department Endorsed Him

Mailer FAIL:

So, it’s not so surprising that the opening salvo of his campaign focuses on public safety. But what caught some attention was the headline on the backside of a mailer that reads “Bob Donchez Endorsed by Bethlehem Police.”

City police Chief Jason Schiffer called him out on it Tuesday. When questioned by a Twitter follower, the chief publicly declared on his account, @BethlehemPolice, that “the department does not endorse any candidate for mayor.” […]

Schiffer, who said he’s not endorsing either candidate, said “the flier appears to give the impression” that the department issued an endorsement. The flier lists several former police officials who support Donchez.

“The union can certainly endorse a candidate. Those individual former police officers can endorse,” Schiffer said in an interview Wednesday. “But not as a police department. There is a distinction there that I think can be missed for some people reading that flier.”

(via Nicole Radzievich)


  1. […] First, the mailer was making a misleading claim. The police union endorsed him. That’s their verdict on who’s going to pay them more and offer them more generous benefits. And good for them – a union has to look out for its members’ bottom line. But the idea that the union’s endorsement reflects their opinion on which candidate is better for public safety is nuts. […]

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