LCA Board Votes to Bid on Allentown Water

Lehigh County Authority:

Following more than six months of deliberations, and significant public debate on the issue, Lehigh County Authority’s Board of Directors voted today to submit a bid to the City of Allentown for the lease of the city’s water and sewer systems. Details of LCA’s bid, which is due by 2 p.m. on Thursday, will not be made public until the city discloses the information through their bidding and procurement process.

LCA’s decision was made after a lengthy Board meeting today which included dedicated time for public input. Included in the public comments were statements submitted by Renew Lehigh Valley, the Lehigh Valley Partnership, the East Penn Chamber of Commerce and Upper Milford Township, encouraging the LCA Board to approve the submittal of the bid.

Most of the meeting, however, was held in executive session so the Board could review the confidential details of the bid. After breaking from executive session, the Board reviewed a detailed resolution to authorize the bid, along with several other details related to the bid, such as the submission of a letter of credit for bid security. The Board approved the resolution by a 6-1 vote.

LCA was pre-qualified by the city through a request for qualifications process that was conducted last summer. Since that time, LCA’s staff, Board and team of professional experts have been reviewing the city’s lease agreement to determine whether to bid. Today, LCA’s Board concluded that there are many reasons for LCA to be involved in the City’s bid process.

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