The Kim Velez For Allentown Mayor Boomlet Continues

Rich Wilkins is on Team Kim Velez for Mayor:

In fact, let me take it a step forward here- if there was an organized, put together opposition with the right candidates, including a Mayoral candidate, the incumbent ticket would all be pushed to the limit, if not defeated. This includes the Mayor. The sale of the water authority is something that will not be popular with the electorate, and it would have been defeated in a referendum too.

Last night I told another local political hack the same thing that Jon Geeting is saying today: Kim Velez should scrap a council run and challenge the Mayor as an independent […]

I pretty much echo those sentiments, verbatim. She can almost be assured of around 30% of the vote if she runs on this alone, but why stop there? The Mayor’s been in office since what, 2005? He’s now selling a city asset because the city is basically broke. There’s a good message to run in the West End on too. While yes, Latina issues are great for her to run on, I’m saying she could run a very broadly inclusive indictment on the Mayor politically, and be formidable enough. The big issue though, the one barrier to entry that matters a lot more than in council races, is the money aspect. Still, she could make some serious noise as a Mayoral candidate.

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