Kim Velez For Allentown Mayor

It’s outrageous that the Pawlowskicrats intimidated Kim Velez into dropping off the City Council ballot with fake objections to her petitions.

I have no idea what Kim’s political ambitions are, but if she wanted to, I bet she could parlay this episode into an independent run for Mayor.

It’s a nice teachable moment that makes the incumbent politicians and their allies look like sneaky jerks. I have no idea whether Pawlowski was ultimately behind this, but that won’t matter. Everybody’s going to deny responsibility, so Kim is free to insinuate whatever she wants.

The theme of the mostly-white political establishment trying to silence a smart independent Latina will strike a chord with voters who are suspicious that Ed Pawlowski doesn’t have the best interests of the Hispanic community in mind, and are frustrated that Latino representation in politics hasn’t kept pace with their growing share of the population.

The campaign message would be:

– Ed Pawlowski and his hand-picked Council members are trying to shut us up

– Water privatization is being rushed through and the voters don’t want it

– The downtown development plan must help lift up Allentown’s neighborhoods

– Allentown needs more Spanish-speaking cops, teachers and first-responders

To bring Latino voters out to the polls, I would put a ballot initiative on the November ballot overturning Allentown’s racist English-Only statute.


  1. Another example of how politics are run in Allentown. I think it was Bernie or another blog which made the connection that her running would siphon off latino votes from Guirdy/Mota, two Pawloski shills and you cant have that.

    I 100% agree with you here Jon. Let the voters decide who they want to vote for and let her run. Also, this was nothing short of intimidation of a candidate and the people responsible should be held accountable.

  2. jon, the teachable moment will be ms. velez being reinstated as a candidate, and then winning a seat on city council. as for mayor, i have reason to believe that an independent will step forward, one with political experience

  3. Guy Incognito says:

    If she couldn’t manage to collect 100 valid signatures to run for City Council, what makes you think she will be able to get~10X that in order to even reach the ballot as an independent Mayoral candidate?

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