Lehigh County Authority Still in the Running for Allentown Water Lease

Good news from Emily Opilo:

Allentown officials Wednesday introduced changes to its proposed lease agreements aimed at keeping the Lehigh County Authority in the running to take over its water and sewer system.

The revised bid documents allow the Lehigh County Authority, a nonprofit water and wastewater service operating on a 36-year charter, to bid on the city’s 50-year lease despite its shorter life span. The changes became necessary for LCA to bid once a majority of Lehigh County commissioners last week refused to extend the authority’s charter from 36 to 50 years.

These revisions allow LCA to bid on the 50-year agreement with the understanding LCA will get a charter extension in the next 36 years. If there is no extension, the system would revert to Allentown in 2049.

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