Build the Apartments, Forget the Parking

The idea that somehow it would be better for this Allentown manufacturing building to stay vacant rather than become 24 apartments because a handful of people are paranoid some residents might bring more than two cars is insane. Nat Hyman is proposing 27 parking spaces – more than one per apartment. This should go through even if he was proposing zero parking spaces. The apartment market is crazy tight right now. Whenever somebody wants to build more apartments, you say yes!


  1. Agree on the parking, I’d oppose it because Hyman is a slumlord.

  2. Next time in the valley drive around the 1st/6th wards in Allentown and look for his signs and the quality of his holdings.

  3. I can’t remember the building, but it doesn’t look like anything to get sentimental about. Why anyone would want to buy an apartment from a guy describing the building this way is beyond me: “the heat goes right out of these old buildings.” Probably not a problem for a factory, but an apartment building?

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