Young People Can Swing Bethlehem Mayor Race

If they vote. Turnout in municipal races is low, especially for primaries, so if a few hundred young people get registered and turn out for Willie Reynolds, they can easily swing the election. But the key is getting engaged and plugging into the campaign. People doubt this stuff works, but it totally does. Go volunteer and make phone calls at the campaign office. Go get some walk lists from Willie and go out and knock doors for a few hours on a weekend morning. The boring stuff is the most important exercise of political power.


  1. Shocking.

    You’re saying a block of voters can sway an election “If They Vote?”

    Really? Wow.

    • Jon Geeting says:

      Unfortunately this is the type of banal lesson young people need to hear. The seniors and the Boomers understand the importance of these boring exercises of political power, but young people tend to be skeptical about doing this stuff. It’s why they don’t have nearly as much political representation as they should given their numbers. If politicians expect young people to vote and volunteer, they’ll pander to them just like they do seniors.

      • Good point on youth.

        However, I’ll continue to argue we don’t need “groups represented” we need the best choice. Group representation gives us people like Maxine “Sequester will cost us 177 million jobs” Waters.

        • Jon Geeting says:

          That’s some anti-politics thinking I can’t get behind. Different groups have different interests. Not necessarily conflicting interests, but sometimes. And that’s what politics is for – brokering power between competing interests. First trying to find mutually-acceptable solutions, and if one isn’t available, deciding who wins based on who has a stronger claim on the public interest.

  2. Reynolds is running to represent the city, not just a subgroup. I hope he’s smart enough to recognize that fact.

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