Republicans Wouldn’t Vote for Any Deal on the Sequester

The Republican Party does not care about the deficit. It does not care about growth. The singular animating idea of the Republican Party is that it’s very important to have low taxes, especially on rich people.

This is why there were never any votes on the Republican side for any deal to avert the sequester, as long as that deal included revenues.

But President Obama won the election. Any spending cuts the Republicans want to do going forward will have to be balanced with an equal number of tax increases. If the Republicans don’t like it, then they should win some more elections and come back with the votes to do it their way.


  1. You already got your revenue increases. As noted reported Bob Woodward stated, Obama is trying to change his deal.

    Sorry Jon, you’re wrong. Again.

    • Jon Geeting says:

      “already got your revenue increases” LOLOL John how many spending cuts-only bills has Obama signed before the sequester? You already got your spending cuts front-loaded! You heard the President say this dozens of times now – going forward, any deficit reduction package must include equal parts tax increases and spending cuts, 1:1. He won the election.

      Woodward’s point about “moving the goalposts” makes zero sense. The whole point of the sequester was that everyone wants to replace it with some other different package. Either everybody’s moving the goalposts, or nobody is. There was never any pre-set mix of revenues and spending cuts

  2. Obama got $600 billion in revenue, he’s done nothing on expenses. And he whacked everyone with a 2% payroll tax increase January 1.

    Here’s the funny part about that – you’re sitting there now sputtering, “That wasn’t a tax increase! It just went back to where it was!”

    But you know what? The average American doesn’t care. All they know is their taxes went up January 1, and the economy is suffering because of it.

    Thanks Obama.

    • Jon Geeting says:

      Nothing on expenses! We’ve already made most of the cuts envisioned by Simpson-Bowles to discretionary spending. We did more cuts in the Budget Control Act, and we’ll do even more cuts with the sequester. The cuts portion of deficit reduction is over.

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