The Governing Party

Charlie Dent says the House Republicans will continue to fail to find the votes within their caucus to govern the country, so they’ll need Democrats to keep bailing them out on crucial votes.

What’s funny about this is that Dent thinks the Republicans need to be the governing party. But the Republicans are not the governing party. To pass all the really important bills so far, we’ve needed a coalition of all the House Democrats + about 25 Republicans. The actual governing coalition in the House, when push comes to shove, is a center-left coalition primarily comprised of Democrats:

“The Republican Party must be a governing party, and the Republican Party must be a governing party in the House,” Dent said. “If it cannot govern on its own then it’s going to need to develop bipartisan coalitions to pass important pieces of legislation.”

If people want the House to govern, rather than lurching from self-made crisis to self-made crisis as it has under Speaker John Boehner, then the real lesson here is that we need the Democrats back in the majority. Speaker Pelosi never created any fake crises, never threatened to lop a full percentage point off GDP for no reason, at a time when the economy’s only growing at like 2%. The Republicans don’t deserve to govern. They’ve proven they don’t have the maturity or the basic parliamentary chops to do the people’s business.


  1. Go figure, you got it wrong again – what’s governing the House is a combined group of moderate Democrats and moderate Republicans together.

    So when are you going to do your apology post to Dent? You’ve been calling him an asshole conservative for years, and for years he’s proven you wrong.

  2. LOL John 3 times now this session, we’ve needed to pass bills with a coalition of ALL Democrats (mainly the left rump, and very few Blue Dogs left) + a handful of swing district Republicans. But the only reason this is even allowed to happen is because Boehner keeps having to suspend the normative Hastert Rule. He can’t find the votes in his own party because a majority of them are tea party nutters, so he has to go begging to the Democrats.

    Dent deserves no apology. He’s voting on the bare minimum of popular liberal votes he needs to do to keep getting elected in a Democratic-leaning district. He still voted for Paul Ryan’s Medicare-ending budget, the nutty Balanced Budget Amendment, still is weirdly more conservative on social issues than the district. Doing the bare minimum required for basic human decency doesn’t mean he’s not too conservative. He’s not as crazy as the majority of House Republicans, but he’s still wrong about basically everything.

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