Voting for Teh Stupid

Just want to remind everyone about Lamont McClure’s stupid as hell vote against letting the LV Board of Health finish the almost-done Bi-County Health Department study with their own grant money. You’d expect this kind of foolishness from Republicans, but McClure was the only Democrat to go along with it:

The vote Northampton County Council took Monday night on the Bi-County Health Department was not a vote against using taxpayer dollars for the project.

It was not a vote against using taxpayer dollars to fund the study of the project.

It was a vote against allowing the Lehigh Valley Board of Health to spend money it already has to continue a study that is already in progress.

Basically it was a vote in favor of ignorance – to not learn anything more about the idea.

It’s the legislative equivalent of a toddler plugging his ears and stamping his feet to block out an unwanted scolding.

Even more short-sightedly, Council is leaving millions in state grants on the table that would have gone to preventive services that could save individuals money by reducing the incidence of illness and trips to the doctor.


  1. It’s the only smart thing he did. We can’t afford to cover the entire counties, and the only real purpose of this was to funnel money from the suburbs into the cities. Even the supporters of the plan admitted this.

    Glad someone represented the suburban and rural interests despite this blog’s insistence that they should have no representation and he hopes their cities implode and their lives ruined.

  2. Smart? The study was mostly done. Nobody knew precisely how much it was projected to cost because the study wasn’t complete yet. It was a vote not to learn any more about the idea – a vote to be ignorant about it.

    • Not precisely but everyone knew it would be expensive.

      Couple that with the supporters admitting that it would only benefit the cities to start, and that it might at some point, maybe, would provide services to the suburbs and rural areas, if they ever got around to it and could afford it and decided if it was worth it since people like you want all of them to die anyway, meant it needed to go away because all it was was a money grab.

      • Jon Geeting says:

        That’s nuts. Of course it would benefit Bethlehem and Allentown more first, since they already have health departments up and running. It will take time to create the public health infrastructure in the places that don’t have it, obviously. Pretending to be upset that everybody won’t immediately have access to all the services at once is beyond childish. The people using that stupid argument were just trying to shut down the debate. They were never interested in how the services could come on-line quicker for the suburbs and rural areas. And no, I wasn’t for only helping the citise. Population-level public health services are important, and everyone should have them. Part of the issue was that the other areas of the County have been free-riding off Bethlehem and Allentown’s public health services, and I do find that offensive since they aren’t paying, but the main goal is the services.

        • Jon you’re not listening (go figure) – the plan’s supporters would make no commitment whatsoever for anything other than the cities. It was not a matter of when services might extend out, but that they might NEVER extend out.

          And before you hate freeloading, you might want to take a look at your own blog. This thing advocates freeloading in every conceivable situation. Your goal in life is to never have to actually pay for anything!

          Sometimes I wonder if you really are this dense that you don’t see the irony in what you write, or if this blog is a giant joke put together by a conservative with an awesome sense of humor.

          Then I remember your educational background.

          • Jon Geeting says:

            They couldn’t give a firm timeline because the study wasn’t complete! And the study never got completed because derpaholics like Lamont McClure wouldn’t let the BOH use their own money to finish the study.

          • Normally I’d say go back and re-read what was going on, but given your penchant for not reading anything other than headlines, I’ll say go back and actually read it.

            Jon they acknowledged there would be no timeline period! There would be nothing in the initial plan for anything other than the cities.

            It was a money grab, pure and simple. I know, you love them. You love spending other people’s money and decimating others in the process.

            Too fucking bad.

          • Jon Geeting says:

            I followed that debate very closely. The plan was always to offer the services – vaccinations, restaurant and childcare center inspections, and all the rest – to the areas that do not currently receive/pay for those services. That was the whole point. There was also a side goal of getting everybody in the Lehigh Valley in the tax base for public health services, instead of only the city taxpayers. Which is totally fair!

          • You didn’t follow it closely if you think for one second their plan was to cover anything other than the cities.

          • Jon Geeting says:

            I was in close communication with the RenewLV folks the entire time they were working on this. I know the plan well, you’re wrong.

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