If Eric Evans Wants to Improve Quality of Life, There Is an Opportunity in Front of His Face

I have to wonder if Eric Evans understands the comedy here:

Bethlehem Councilman Eric Evans is running for re-election.

Evans, a councilman since 2010, said he’s running for re-election because he loves living in Bethlehem and wants to maintain the city’s high quality of life.

Evans said he will continue to support the needed investments in public safety and infrastructure while searching for areas to improve efficiencies and cut waste.

Blog readers will immediately spot the contradiction between Evans’s professed goals and his actual behavior as a Councilman.

Staring Evans in the face is the most obvious example of an opportunity to cut (literal) waste and improve efficiency in the city’s trash collection approach.

That is, if he were even willing to look at the bids that show city residents could be saving money and getting better, more comprehensive trash collection services.

To really improve government efficiency and quality of life for residents, you can’t just look at the line items in the budget. The really big gains are going to come from redesigning service markets for both public and private service providers.

By reorganizing the trash collection market, Evans has a clear opportunity to save most people money on their trash bills, top up the service package, make his city cleaner, reduce truck traffic on neighborhood streets, and save city government money through efficiencies at the compost and recycling center.

What he is missing is that most inefficiencies don’t persist because nobody’s discovered them yet, but because various political interests like things the way they are, and politicians prefer the inefficient status quo to ruffling people’s feathers.

(via Lynn Olanoff)

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