Details on the Bethlehem Single Hauler Bid

This will soon be confirmed in the press, but here are the details on the leading Bethlehem trash hauler bid:

$197 includes:

– Trash
– Recycling
– Yard waste
– Bulky items
-Alley trash pickup

The price is locked in for 3 years. After that, five 1-year extensions are possible at an additional 3% a year. So the most it would cost 10 years out is about $242 – still much lower than what most Bethlehem residents pay now.

This will save the city about $100,000 a year on disposal costs, and would allow for changes at the compost and recycling center that save more money, potentially as much as another $100,000.

There is no administrative fee for 2013, and the administration is unlikely to pursue one for 2014. This year’s tax increase eliminated the need for a fee.

This is a much better deal than what most people get now, and it deserves to be debated by City Council.


  1. I remember something being said in the fall that this would be discussed by council after the bids were returned. What happened to that? Is there some mechanism where we as citizens can force council to act?

    • Jon Geeting says:

      Apparently if you and a handful of other people show up to ask them to do it, they think they have to vote your way.

    • Jon Geeting says:

      Other than that, write LTEs, mock the dead-enders on your blog, run for office yourself, or volunteer for somebody who is running and has taken the pro-single hauler position. Get Steve Melnick to pledge to support it.

  2. Melnick is a Donchez guy. He is on donchez’s campaign committee. No use in trying to get him.

  3. I’ll believe it when I see the actual bids. You and the Morning Call have no credibility – the Call ceased being a reporting entity a few years ago, and you’re well known to hide things you don’t like.

  4. Not putting the admin fee in now is pure politics on the part of Johnny Callahan. Everyone knows there will be a fee, and he punts it to the next mayor who will have to deal with the headlines on the 20% increase in trash disposal costs while Johnny gets the headline about the drop.

    All while Bethlehem desperately needs $$ for its pension shortfall.


  5. There is no admin fee because Council, against the recommendation of the Mayor, passed a budget that increased taxes instead of putting in single hauler. There is no need for the admin fee in 2013-THE BUDGET IS PASSED.
    As for 2014, the fee could be imposed, but the costs savings of going to single hauler for the City may not require it.

    I am curious to see how Evans and Donchez can get around openly lying to the public. They both said this needed more time for review and discussion, and now neither wants to do it. Liars.

  6. If the city goes forward, this represents a change in the budget whether you impose the fee or not – you’re now putting the revenue and expenses through the city which, even if they’re breakeven, still represents a change.

    Under your thought, they would be unable to to this at all. Makes no sense.

    • Jon Geeting says:

      Word salad

      • Uhm no, fact.

        Please tell me you took a government budgeting class somewhere in your useless path of education? Hell even a general budgeting class? Or one on how to handle a bank account? Or addition and subtraction?


        • Jon Geeting says:

          Word salad in search of an argument

          • So you now advocate ignoring the city charter, basic finance/accounting and advocate no controls whatsoever?

            Man did you piss away $200k on an “education.” No wonder you want someone else to pay for it.

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