Fed Up With Tea People, Lifelong Republican Tom Muller Running for Lehigh County Exec As a Democrat

Unfortunately Democratic voters were unable to appreciate the genius of the “party switch” message in last year’s 15th District primary, but it is going to be a great asset to Tom Muller. The fact of the party switch tells voters everything they need to know. No more explanation is needed. Tom Muller used to be a Republican, but then the Republican Party lost their minds, and moderate people can no longer support them.

Here’s the money quote from Bernie O’Hare’s excellent report:

He chose the triangle for his announcement because that’s where the so-called “reform” team of County Commissioners wanted to send $209,000 in CDBG funds back to the federal government.

“I’m running for Lehigh County Exec because I’m not running for Congress. I’m running to serve the people of Lehigh County.

“I’ve heard an awful lot of talk over the last year over why we can’t take this money (referring to Emmaus Green Future fund grant money) from the government because we have a national debt or we owe China money. I think the job of County Executive is to serve everybody in the County, to work for you, to bring as much of our money that we send to Washington back here rather than to say, ‘No thank you, I don’t want it because you’ve got a national debt problem.’

The other (unintended) news from Tom Muller’s announcement is that Emmaus Councilman Wes Barrett will be running for Lehigh County Commissioner.


  1. Jon, this is a much, much better party switch story than the one we had last year. This guy can make a lethal argument against Ott.

  2. …the Republican Party lost their minds…

    By this, do you mean they lost their minds when they advocated low taxes, small government, private proerty, personal responsibility, and individual initiative?

    • Yeah, most of those buzz words mean “ineffective government.”

    • Jon Geeting says:

      By lost their minds, I mean completely given up on the idea of any role for the government in the economy, or providing economic security to citizens. The party’s embraced the nutty Ayn Rand worldview.

  3. and by “effective government” I assume you mean “take from the makers to give to the takers”

    • The makers are the consumers, not the rich guys. If you define both correctly though, yeah, there should be more money kept by consumers and less inheritance protection in this country.


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