Emmaus Councilman Wes Barrett Running for Lehigh County Commissioner


But, if you were listening carefully, you learned that Barrett’s name will be on the ballet this fall as a Democratic candidate for District 5 in the Lehigh County Commissioner’s race.

That news came out during a speech by Democrat Tom Muller, the director of administration for Lehigh County, who came to Emmaus Wednesday to announce that he intends to run for Lehigh County Executive. Muller told those in attendance that he was happy to be standing with the full slate of Democratic commissioner candidates, including Barrett.

After Muller’s speech, Barrett confirmed that he intends to run for Lehigh County Commissioner in November, although he hasn’t “officially” announced his candidacy. He said that the Lehigh County Democrats have slowly getting the word out for him, through events and speeches such as Muller’s.

The Democratic slate is looking a lot stronger now with Barrett, Brace and Muller on the ticket. Any rumors about who’s running in the other districts?

(Thanks: Jennifer Marangos)


  1. Dave Jones is getting a primary opponent. Juan Camacho, an attorney and ZHB member in Allentown. This is the revised District 3, which includes part of East Allentown, Hanover Twp, and all West Bethlehem now.

  2. Wes is an excellent candidate, wish him luck.


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