Jean Belinski Not Running for Reelection for Bethlehem Council

Everybody was expecting this but now it’s official. Jean Belinski was one of the Council members I disagreed with most over the past two years, in third place after Dave DiGi and Eric Evans, so I’m glad this will be an open seat race.

Hoping 4 young progressives manage to take the seats now held by DiGi, Evans, Belinski, and whoever wins the Reynolds/ Donchez primary.


  1. What irony. When Bethlehem had young “progressive mayors” 1998 – 2012, they had fuddy duddies on council. Soon, council will be full of progressives, but the next mayor will be Bob Donchez, who will be 63.


    • Jon Geeting says:

      Council seems unlikely to be full of progressives though. We’re entering the coward era of Bethlehem politics. There’s been a lot of change, and now politicians want to rest on their laurels instead of fighting entrenched interests to get more growth.

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