The Callahan Fundraising Juggernaut

Bernie O’Hare has the John Callahan finance report and it turns out he’s been raising money like he’s running for Congress:

Bethlehem Mayor and NorCo Exec hopeful John Callahan has filed his 2012 campaign finance report, and it’s a doozy. He raised a whopping $197,289 last year, and after payments to political consultant and Finance Director Rachel Doran, still finished the year with nearly $118,000 in his till.

Shock and awe baby. After seeing how much money Callahan raises, potential opponents think twice about taking him on.

Callahan has nearly three times what rival Glenn Reibman has set aside, and is ahead of potential opponent Lamont McClure by 8 to 1.


  1. Watch for the unions – they want Reibman in the worst way, he’ll do whatever they want. Callahan is more of a thinker than Riebman ever was, and not as much a puppet.

    • Jon Geeting says:

      Reibman will have a lot of money and organizational support for sure. But Callahan will be able to use this money to put together a solid organization. He needs to build the dream coalition I was writing about yesterday.

  2. Unions do not want Reibman, his reign as county executive was not good for unions, which is why he lost to Stoffa.
    Unions have been giving to Callahan.

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