Let’s Play Name a Bob Donchez Initiative

What is a law that wouldn’t be on the books if Bob Donchez hadn’t proposed it, sold it, and got it through Bethlehem City Council?

Can somebody name one?


  1. http://www.bobdonchez.com/achievements.html

    Went to Reynolds website to get his list of achievements to compare but he doesn’t seem to have any. (shrugs)

    • Jon Geeting says:

      Yes, I’ve already seen the laundry list of votes, I’m asking for one initiative. What’s one great law Bob’s championed?

      • You didn’t read them all then. There were several on there that states he proposed. I voted for Reynolds for council for two reasons. 1. To ensure Simao and Carrol would not win a seat and 2. Cause Bob knocked on my door had a cup of coffee and asked me to.

  2. I call BS. Donchez was not asking people to vote for Reynolds in 2011. Donchez had a deal with Simao and Carroll to avoid being attacked. Donchez was a pussy, who was afraid that his record would actually be criticized. He never once defended Reynolds during a debate when he was attacked for the same votes Donchez made. Donchez was even complimented by Carroll. Ask Al Bernotas.
    Not one of the ordinances Donchez is saying he supported were his ideas. They were mostly Schweder and Leeson. And most of the environmental stuff was Dolan.
    Donchez is nothing but a fence sitter. He like to say he was the fourth and deciding vote on the casino. Well Bob, a real leader would have been the first vote on the casino. You Bob, are nothing but a fence sitter.

  3. Donchez asked people to support the other 2 democrats while campaigning. Not that I would have voted for Simao or Carrol but Donchez did ask on thier behalf. If Donchez is the last vote to be called he can’t have voted first. Your argument makes no sense. Council president has the last and deciding vote slot. Bobs a moderate so what ? We still exist. He’s still been a model citizen and great councilman. This is basically a two man race and we are comparing the two. Bob has more for me to base my vote on. I don’t hate Willie and if he’s the democrat ill vote for him over a republican right now but not over Donchez whose given 40 years of his life to local public service.

    • Jon Geeting says:

      Politics matter, not longevity. Bob’s on the wrong side of a number of issues, and he doesn’t have the political fight in him to make waves on issues Bethlehem still needs to fix.

      • Maybe but there is something to be said for proof. Reynolds may become a great and effective politician but as a one term councilman he’s got no proof of being able to accomplish anything he states. Voting record does in fact matter and longevity to an extent especially if you have been trying to make a difference for fourty years. Figures and numbers count whether you want them to or not and as I actually live here its my money the next mayor will be spending and I’m not ready to hand my wallet over to a 31 year old who only has vision but no facts and figures or record of accomplishment. Without Donchez vote to secure the casino none of the other things that have been done would have been. The Casino is the financial juggernaut for development here. They take over the majority of the tax burden for the city so that was a crucial vote. That’s a councilman job to vote.

        • Jon Geeting says:

          Plenty of people must have made the same arguments about Don Cunningham and John Callahan. Having one term as a Councilman is plenty experience for Mayor. The job is hard in the sense that it requires balancing political and economic trade-offs, but none of the issues are that technically complicated.

        • Jon Geeting says:

          I’m sure people had similar reservations about Callahan’s and Cunningham’s experience, and they turned out to be wrong. One term as a councilman is plenty. The issues aren’t that technically complex, they’re just complicated in the sense that making choices between political and economic trade-offs between stakeholders is complicated. You don’t need a ton of experience, just good political values and some economic sense.


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