Northampton County Democrats Primary Open Thread

The 2013 field looks huge on the NorCo Dem side, naturally, since there are 5 Republican-held At-Large seats up and the smart money’s on Dems taking most of those seats.

Who are your favorite candidates of the people Bernie O’Hare listed?

I know I will definitely be supporting:

Jeff Warren
Randy Galiotto

I know I will definitely not be supporting:

John Stoffa
Kerry Myers

But what about the rest? I don’t have strong opinions about any of these people. Who would be on your 5-person slate?

Ismael Arcelay
Christen Borso
Deb Hunter
Ron Heckman
Geoffrey M. Roche
Bill Wallace
Kelly Gross
Jerry Seyfried
Jason Toedter
Thomas O’Donnell

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