Dean Browning Will Challenge Scott Ott in the Republican Primary

The primary fight with Dean Browning should soften up Scott Ott for the November general election pretty nicely if any Democrats get in, but I doubt Browning can pull out a win. The trouble as always is the Republican electorate, who are in the grips of some pretty far-out antisocial Randian ideas. Now that they’ve been mainlining teh craZy, they can’t get off on the regular bad Republican ideas that Dean Browning is offering them, like term limits.


  1. You’re missing the obvious – it’s not Browning vs. Ott. It’s Browning/Dougherty/Osborne vs. the Ott and his band.

    It’ll be a very interesting primary.

    • Jon Geeting says:

      Hearing Osborne might run, but both guys are concerned that they’ll split whatever moderate vote is left and let Ott sneak through. Not sure if Osborne has decided for sure not to run.

  2. He won’t run against Browning, makes no sense you’re exactly right on splitting the vote.

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