Good Riddance to Fake Democrat David DiGiacinto

The Bethlehem Controller office could be pretty powerful in the hands of a same-party opposition politician like DiGi. He’ll get a soapbox for a bunch of political audits, and it’ll be a lot of fun for him. But it’ll be even better for everybody else because he mercifully will not be voting on anything related to development and business regulation issues anymore:

Bethlehem City Councilman David DiGiacinto announced plans this morning to run this year for city controller.

The Democrat is the first to declare his candidacy. Feb. 19 is the first day candidates in the May 21 primary election can circulate nomination petitions, due March 12.

DiGiacinto narrowly lost to former city Controller Meg Holland in 2007 in his first bid for the part-time position. Holland resigned last Jan. 31 for personal reasons. A panel of Northampton County judges in March selected Robert Pfenning controller through 2013. City council had been charged with the appointment but could not agree on a candidate from a field of three that included DiGiacinto until he withdrew in February.


  1. The problem for him is, I’m assuming he likes Donchez, and for one to win, both probably have to win the primary. So then what? Seems dead end to me.

  2. Jon Geeting says:

    I dunno, he might end up being the only Controller candidate. Can he run for his city council seat and Controller at the same time?

  3. Doubtful. I think he can file for both.

  4. Jon, are you planning on doing anything on George Soros’ latest scrape with the law? Apparently he’s now taken to smacking women around when they get uppity.

    Real prince the guy who signs your paychecks. Real prince indeed.

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