Bethlehem’s Eastern Gateway Needs Some New Mixed Use Buildings

Glad to see people think Bethlehem’s Eastern Gateway is coming along well, but the one thing it’s obviously missing is some new buildings. The city made an investment in the Skate Plaza. They need to capitalize on that investment by relaxing zoning restrictions on building the kind of structures that house activities that appeal to young people. The zoning code needs to make it cheaper and easier to build mixed-use buildings, and allow developers to capitalize on the higher land values around the park that the city has created through that investment.


  1. There may be a better market for a couple of retail shops, maybe. But to think the skate park results in increased residential and office space is folly.

    Besides, anyone who builds any office space is an idiot – have to wait to see where the NIZ ends up.

    • Jon Geeting says:

      Yeah didn’t mean anything too intense, just some 3-story apartments and retail along 4th Street and on the lots near the Greenway.

  2. Joe Public says:

    LVEDC was granted $3.4 million regional planning project funded by HUD. They targeted three projects, one for each City with absolutely no public input.

    What about the Lehigh Dairy property that provided walkable, sustainable jobs for decades and is one of the most Prominent brownfields in Lehigh County. This building has sat vacant for 22+ years. In the last two decades only $40K grant was provided to assist the Gateway just north of Allentown. The owner had to take a loan to tear down half the building in an effort to make it build ready and there it sits. It is time for State and Federal assistance to make this underutilized property whole again and shovel read for development.

  3. Joe Public says:

    DCNR provided more than $1 million in grant funding toward the completion of the trail, including $600,000 to acquire the abandoned rail line and $450,000 to develop the trail. In addition, DCNR provided $430,000 for Bethlehem’s skate park.

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