Prepare to Be Ruled By Nuts

Bernie O’Hare digs up some of Scott Ott’s greatest hits ahead of his County Executive bid. I would say you should look out for some of these on a Democratic political mailer, but Rick Daugherty’s Lehigh County Democratic Party looks set to let this nutcase run unopposed:

2. Ott questions why blacks were loyal to Democrats given the party’s promotion of “genocide” for black babies saying abortion does not, “just decimate the black population, for that means killing only 1-in-10. The Democrat party actively, passionately pushes policies that target the race for genocide, with white “physicians” slaughtering a full 50 percent of black infants before they ever draw breath”. May 4, 2008


  1. Agreed he is a nutcase. Can’t the Democrats come up with anyone? Put any kind of a moderate Democrat up there, have them run as “Cunningham 2.0” and it’s a winner.

    Note I didn’t say run a far left fucking loon. Then you lose, and lose big.

    • Jon Geeting says:

      Dennis Pearson is the only loony candidate the Democrats have, but he’s not even especially left wing, just a weirdo. I’d like to see the Dems run Geoff Brace or Percy Dougherty, but Brace is already running for Commissioner and Dougherty doesn’t seem to realize he’s about to lose a primary.

  2. Brace I like but he doesn’t have enough experience for the job. Dougherty is a good choice but he’s not about to switch parties, that doesn’t play well around here. Pearson won’t get 25% of the vote against anyone.

    So here’s where the rubber meets the road – I’ve told you often how I’ve voted for Democrats when they’re the best choice. Why don’t you do the same and get behind Dougherty to run as a Republican? Get the D vote and enough of the R vote to keep Ott out of there.

    • Jon Geeting says:

      I don’t have any problem endorsing a Republican candidate. If Dougherty ran, I would support him regardless of which party he ran in. His views are closer to mine on a number of issues than a generic AFSCME-backed candidate. I just don’t think that he can win over the Republican primary electorate in the Commissioner race, let alone the Executive race. Happy to be wrong.

  3. If Daugherty had any sense, political savvy, leadership ability, connections to Dem donors, respect from state Dems, you name it — he’d recruit newly-retired Dan McCarthy and put an organization behind him for once. The fact that Rick couldn’t even do that for *his own campaign* is a crying shame. Lehigh County Dems, get your sh*t together and kick that useless figurehead out.

    • Jon Geeting says:

      Usually the better local party organizations are run by elected officials. You get in, you start hiring young staffers who one day want to run, and you put together a proper coalition of benefit seekers, activists and funders. A local coalition of labor, real estate developers, realtors, and young professionals pushing downtown housing and retail development would be a pretty durable coalition in my view, but nobody’s really tried to put it together.

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