Moderate Republican Nathan Brown Will Run Against Tea Person Mike Schware for Lehigh Commission

And just like that, the pendulum rapidly swings away from the anti-government view:

Nathan Brown, 34, a Republican who has been on borough council for six years, will challenge incumbent Republican Mike Schware in the May primary.

Brown said he decided to run based on the commissioners’ recent handling of the county-wide reassessment and of Community Development Block Grants, which were approved only after significant ideological discussions about blindly accepting federal money.

In particular, Brown expressed concerns about the handling of Green Future Fund grants for local open space and parks projects. Approval has been delayed three times as commissioners have weighed concerns about overspending during a tough financial climate.

(Thanks: Colin McEvoy)


  1. Hell of a nice guy, but not ready for this.

    I hope the party comes up with someone more experienced. As much as I dislike them the Woodman Klan is a force.

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