Willie Reynolds’s Campaign Will Focus on Strong Neighborhoods

Good theme. I’ll be looking forward to engaging with some of the ideas in the Winning Our Neighborhoods plan this Spring:

Standing in front of his home decorated with poinsettias and American flags, Bethlehem City Councilman J. William Reynolds promised strong neighborhoods will be the centerpiece of his campaign as he became the first to officially declare a run for mayor.

While rising pension and health costs are big challenges for the next mayor, Reynolds said the key issue will be retaining and attracting middle-class families to neighborhoods like his own on W. Elizabeth Avenue. He said he will release the details of his plan, dubbed Winning Our Neighborhoods, next month.

“If we want to live in a progressive city, we need to take a progressive leadership,” Reynolds, a Democrat, told a couple of dozen family members and neighbors who gathered for the announcement. “Above all else we need leaders who aren’t afraid to stand up and not sit on the fence and make decisions that many in the city have been afraid to make for years.”

(Thanks: Nicole Radzievich)


  1. Good evening,
    I am a citizen of Bethlehem City. I wanted to ask, why are taxes going up? We all were told we would see things improve due to the Casino starting up operations. IN addition to taxes going up, home values are going down. I thought just like many others things were supposed to improve with the revenue from the Casino. I see this as another lie told by politicians and government officials. If I lied in my line of work, I would be thrown to the curb. Another issue that has gotten the best of me. Older service members are being forced out after 15 plus years of service. When this occurs a retirement does not happen. After serving this great country for so many years they get nothing. Now if a senator serves for a term they get a retirement, health care, kids go to school for free. You have got to be kidding me. The people elect these officials. Does this make them so elite they get treated with such graces? I do not think serving one term on Senate deserves such gratuities. This nation needs to get back to working hard, not just walking around looking for hand outs. The nation has grown weak. We should be showing the public what happens when you commit homicide. We house these criminals for many years then execute them behind closed doors. Housing them costs way to much money and we aren’t showing the American public what happens when you act like an animal. Public executions should be done on a regular basis again. Show this younger generation what will happen to them if they commit terrible acts against other humans.

    • Jon Geeting says:

      Taxes are going up because state and local revenues still haven’t recovered from the huge hit they took during the recession. The casino hasn’t allowed the city to cut property taxes for this reason, but it has reduced the need for deeper cuts or larger tax increases.

      I do not think Willie Reynolds will bring back public executions, but you can ask him…

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