Grasping Toward a 2013 Municipal Election Questionnaire

Municipal elections are low-information affairs, so I would like to do my part to try to increase the amount of real policy substance we hear from the candidates. What do you want to know from the various municipal candidates? I’m starting a running list, and will consider adding your question if I like it. Once I am satisfied with the questionnaire I will offer candidates a free blog post with their questionnaire answers, free of comments from me.

1. How much say should local politicians have in telling people how to use their own property? Do you support form-based zoning or use-based zoning?

2. Should grocery stores be allowed to open near housing? What about other businesses?

3. Should new roads near residential areas be required to have sidewalks and bicycle lanes?

4. Will you adhere to the zoning and land use recommendations in the Lehigh Valley Planning Commission’s Comprehensive Plan?

5. How can local government better assist people who want to start new businesses?

6. What is the best way to improve LANTA bus ridership? How can LANTA increase trip frequency?

7. How often should the County’s real estate be assessed?

8. Would you support lowering taxes on property improvements, and replacing them with taxes on land or site value?

9. When do you think it’s appropriate to use special tax tools like TIF and LERTA?

10. What is the best way for local government to increase local living standards? to help the economy?

11. Do you support the County’s efforts to protect farmland and open space?

12. Would you support the creation of a bi-county public health department for Lehigh and Northampton Counties?

13. How can the County government help municipalities?

14. Would you support teaming up with other towns to share services? (e.g. police, fire protection, garbage collection, planning, administration, code inspection)


  1. I look forward to answering this Questionnaire Jon I think it’s a great idea. I hope you also submit the answers and lead up to the local patches in the LV.

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