Lehigh County Authority Should Just Buy Allentown’s Water and Sewer System

Seriously, what is the point of having separately-owned water systems if this is happening? Pension doomsday considerations aside, consolidating Allentown’s water system with the LCA is an obvious move:

The new year will bring a new water source to Lehigh County Authority customers. On Jan. 2, 2013, LCA will activate a recently completed interconnection with the City of Allentown, adding 4 million gallons of water per day — more than half of our current supply — to our resources. We’ve prepared a list of answers to common questions about the interconnection below


  1. Two reasons:

    1. The water system is a current source of income for Allentown. For Allentown to continue to get that benefit, they’d have to either buy the LCA system outright (not happening) or negotiate as good of a deal as they are getting now (unlikely).

    2. LCA is never going to pay the outlandish sums that the city claims private businesses will pay in order for the city to “solve” its pension crisis. Its also harder to tack on the equally absurd “opportunity fees” and “user fees” onto the county as onto a private enterprise.

    Allentown’s advantage is its decades-earlier investment into the physical plant that enables the production of that much clean water. The connector just makes it easier to move into the county grid. That Allentown would lose such a wise investment for such a specious “solution” is the real shame of the situation.

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