Ron Beitler is Running for Lower Macungie Commissioner

Great stuff, but Ron shouldn’t assume voters know what smart growth means:

Ron Beitler, co-owner of Bar None Weddings & Entertainment, was borned and raised in the township.

“I’m running for the Board of Commissioners to continue being a part of making our township an even better place to live and work,” Beitler said in a release.

“I’m running to continue to shine a spotlight on smart growth. Instead of rolling up their sleeves and implementing sound smart growth policies immediately when taking office in 2010, our current Commissioners made it a priority to instead strike a deal with a land developer that represents the antithesis of smart growth.

Within weeks of taking office they traded away two decades of open space and farmland protection in exchange for 700 acres of warehouse, strip mall and high-density housing zoning. Development of this open space and farmland could cost the township dearly in terms of our quality of life, ongoing infrastructure maintenance and cost of services such police and fire protection. My commitment is to continue advocacy for positive solutions making sure the residents of Lower Macungie have a clear alternative representing sound land use planning, smart growth principle and transparency in government. I hope to earn their support in the May 2013 Republican Primary!”

Here is Ron’s blog.

Running on smart growth in the Republican primary is an interesting choice. These days the Republican Party is a hotbed of suburban tribalism, with GOP activists demanding strict mandatory suburban design regulations (coated in a hot mess of free markety rhetoric, of course). This is hilarious given that overly prescriptive zoning regulations are a perfect  example of the Republican belief that overregulation hurts growth and prosperity. Here’s hoping Ron can talk some sense into the party.



  1. I am glad to see his running and will plan on supporting him.

  2. I agree Jon they need information on what it means. All politicians when pressed will say they support “smart growth”. All our current commissioners did in 2009. The problem was no one dug deeper, no one pressed them on the issue. This is why I am very happy you are formulating your questionnaire that explores candidates smart growth backbone deeper.

    Educating the public about smart growth has been a big part of ‘friends LMT’s’ mission the past 2 years.

    We’ve promoted public participation components of Renew LV’s envision program, we’ve brought multiple smart growth speakers to our area including Tom Hylton, and Charles Marohn from and we’ve provided a forum for residents to learn and discuss smart growth issues. These are all items I hope to continue as a commissioner.


    It’s not good enough and perhaps even counter productive to just provide lip service to smart growth. I truly believe that.


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