How Will New State Trash Law Affect Bethlehem’s Private Trash Hauler Prices?

Worth asking, for the Bethlehem single trash hauler debate:

Trash haulers will be prohibited from picking up discarded electronics such as computers and televisions.

Residents will have to return the used item to retailers such as Best Buy and RadioShack, which must accept them free of charge, said Bill Klimovich, assistant director of Pittsburgh Public Works Bureau of Environmental Services.

Trash haulers, including the city and private firms such as Waste Management and BFI, must notify customers of the change.

Klimovich said his crews will leave the waste at the curb and a foreman will double-back to let residents know about the law. Residents could face a citation if the trash is not removed after 48 hours.

Some people have argued that the private haulers would be more willing to pick up more large items. How many of those large items are electronics?

(Thanks: Tribune Review)


  1. And I wonder how many TVs will get dumped on the side of a road somewhere?

    Another abysmal piece of legislation.

    Trash haulers are required to be licensed. Require them to dispose of electronics properly.

    Short answer, most electronics aren’t big (how many TVs get thrown away?) It’s a non-issue for this debate.

    • Jon Geeting says:

      It would be easier for a single hauler to comply with your recommended requirement cost effectively than smaller individual haulers

  2. Actually no it won’t unless legislators pass more bad legislation.

    You probably have a point there, since most legislators are incapable of tying their own shoes.

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