DERP: Lehigh Tea Party Commissioners Hold Already-Budgeted Parks Funds Hostage

Refusing to release funds that have already been budgeted for parks improvements is stupid as hell, but that’s the sort of foolishness Lehigh County voters signed up for when they put a bunch of Tea People in charge of the County legislature.

Once again, Scott Ott and crew are dead wrong on the merits of the issue, but completely correct in their approach to political power. Just because people pack the audience with advocates for a particular position in no way obligates Commissioners to vote how that group wants. The people who won the elections should vote based on their own understanding of the issues and their own values.

If voters think the Tea People they elected turned out to have insane opinions on County policy issues, then the voters need to elect a majority of less insane politicians.


  1. Actually no. When you’re spending your own money, just because it’s budgeted does not mean you automatically spend it.

    Example – you and the missus plan a vacation in December 2013, and are going to use a bonus you think is coming from George Soros to pay for it. George gets caught committing felonies again and ends up in a Turkish prison; ergo, no bonus. Do you go on the trip anyway, even with no way to pay for it? Well, you might, but most of the planet would not as the situation changed.

    The same should apply to spending someone else’s money (like politicians and bureaucrats do). If the situation changes, just because it’s budgeted doesn’t mean it’s automatically spent.

    Now having said all that, I’d fund these requests (except Allentown’s, they’ve gotten enough tax dollars from everyone else to last for awhile). Quality of life here is important and we want to maintain it.

    And all that being said, Ott is a clown.

    • Jon Geeting says:

      So, a bunch of throat-clearing on your way to agreeing with me.

      • Agree with the conclusion, but your view that you spend it simply because it’s budgeted is assinine. In the private sector you’d be fired for incompetence to even say something like that.

        • Jon Geeting says:

          The reason to spend the money is that the Commissioners already are spending money on tax cuts. As long as the County’s no longer in austerity mode and can afford tax cuts, it’s best to do what the voters wanted and spend the open space money.

  2. That’s not what you said. You said that you should spend it because it was budgeted.

    That’s stupid.

    Now if you want to learn from this exchange, admit you were wrong, and substitute this point instead, that’s fine.

    • Jon Geeting says:

      Ok John, you’re right. There are reasons why you might not spend all that you budgeted. The actual arguments put forward for not spending on parks and open space, however, were bad arguments, and they were exceptionally weak due to the fact of the tax cut Commissioners just passed.

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