LV Beer Week Needs Better Public Transit

Good points from The El Vee:

All over the Lehigh Valley, with transportation: Let’s face it, LANTA and taxis in the Lehigh Valley kind of blow. It’s a bitch trying to get from city to city, or even across town without a car. Taking a LANTA bus from Brew Works in Allentown to say, Pearly Baker’s in Easton will take you nearly two hours. There’s no festival that really spans the entirety of the Lehigh Valley. Philly benefits from a (mostly) great system of buses, trains, and constant taxi service that we just simply don’t have in this area. For Lehigh Valley Beer Week to keep to its namesake it needs to be in Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, and even in smaller places like Northampton, Hellertown, Fogelsville, etc. And as such, there needs to be a way to get from place to place, event to event. There needs to be some sort of something drawn up with LANTA or someone to get people safely and efficiently from town to town and event to event.


  1. Why not do this like most places–have it in the summer, and rotate the location between towns, or have it at two places that are relatively close? The design of the festival seems particularly poor, especially trying to shoehorn a Philly design in somewhere as large as the Lehigh Valley.

    That said, having lived in some great brewery towns in Germany (and being a true appreciator of Yuengling), the tiresome “let me educate you about beer” crowd will benefit by having some beer mixed with shoe rubber and flecks of orange at 5AM in February.

  2. This one is ridiculously easy.

    All the bars that want to participate rent a bus or two and go in on a dedicated shuttle loop. They can either charge people to ride or give it for free, their choice. Shuttle stops only at the participating bars.

    Lanta doesn’t need to be involved, government doesn’t need to be involved, billions in taxes don’t need to be spent on worthless studies and academics can go do a report on something else.

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