If You Want High Speed Internet, Move to Where the Internet Is

Here’s a non-problem if there ever was one:

Anyway, back to Sutton. He lives in a section of Lynn Township that is, by my estimate, some 40 or 50 years behind the times, because there is no cable there.

Sutton started a petition to get cable and posted it in the New Tripoli Post Office, where one of my bosses saw it. Until then, neither she nor I nor anyone else around here imagined there were places in the United States without cable, unless it was by choice, like in UFO cult compounds.

“Our house is right off Golden Key Road, and most of Golden Key has no cable,” Sutton told me the other day.

It’s not such a big deal as far as television is concerned. Sutton and other residents have satellite TV, which is every bit as good as cable, except during massive solar storms. And you never know when one of those will break out.

The Internet is another matter. They can’t get cable Internet and are situated too far from a telephone company switching station to acquire a digital subscriber line, or DSL, which is another high-speed option.

I recall about two years ago I wrote a post arguing that we needed the federal government to invest in deploying broadband to rural areas. That was completely stupid and of course I will invite commenters to indulge in the pleasure of reminding me of how stupid that was. People who want to enjoy all the amenities of modern life shouldn’t buy houses in places it’s too expensive to deploy those amenities to.

(Thanks: Daniel Patrick Sheehan)


  1. As a policy choice, finding a way to get reasonably priced internet to rural areas is not a terrible idea. Doing it by running cable probably is.

    Our society actually benefits when not everyone gets a job selling phones or coffee drinks downtown. Farmers, people who support agriculture with related businesses (maintenance, etc), and their families come to mind as one example. It isn’t just a bunch of people who don’t want to live in cities.

  2. Duly reminded.

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