Not a Real Counteroffer

The Economist is not impressed with John Boehner’s plan to increase revenues with magic:

Meanwhile, Mr Boehner’s proposal would raise revenues by $800m over ten years by closing loopholes rather than raising rates, and cut $1.2 trillion in spending. Some $600 billion would be cut out of Medicare, Medicaid and Obamacare; $300 billion would come from mandatory spending, and $300 billion from discretionary spending. Seems like there’s room for negotiation there! But of course the devil’s in the details. So, as for Mr Boehner’s specific tax increase proposals…

Under the Republican offer, tax revenue would rise by $800 billion over 10 years, through closing loopholes and ending or curtailing deductions and tax credits. Mr. Boehner did not specify on Monday which tax breaks would be curtailed.

Right. Never mind. Check this space again when Mr Boehner explains how he expects to get $800 billion in deduction limits over ten years without creating tax humps, and then makes it clear to the American people that what he wants is to slash the charitable giving and home-mortgage interest deductions. That will at least be an interesting political spectacle.

Republicans aren’t going to negotiate in good faith on this, just like with the debt ceiling. Obama needs to wait until after January 1 to deal with these people, when we’ll have a new revenue baseline and the only debate will be over how much to cut taxes.


  1. Waiting for you to write a post on the Democratic Party’s war on women in PA.

    Wife beater and drunk driver Joe Brennan is being kept on the state payroll as a Democratic Caucus at a salary of $72,000 with full, very generous benefits.

    Gutless, spineless, worthless Democrats are keeping this asshole employed. That’s your party Junior. At least they have someone handy to punch out female legislators if they get out of line.

    • Any “War On” something requires a pattern of behavior- not one case of Frank Dermody being dumb. The House Dems are clearly weak, but until we see the Senate Dems hiring wife-beaters, or trying to pass laws that are anti-woman, all we’re looking at here is a caucus that is being lead off into the political wilderness.

      • Rich, I can’t think of a more idiotic move than this? What goes through their minds out in Harrisburg?

        And remember, wars start with the first shot. This one is directly aimed at women’s safety – if Democrats will reward a wife-beater and drunk driver like this, what else are they capable of?

        All rhetoric aside, that’s a legitimate question.

        • I think it’s ridiculous, and I always liked Brennan. There is no good reason for this. This is not a serious caucus right now.

          • Then you add to it the Democratic party in NYC trying to create a district to get Vito Lopez, who was found guilty by the state assembly ethics panel of ‘verbal and physical sexual abuse’ of women, re-elected?

            What’s going on with the Democratic party rewarding white men who harm women?

    • Jon Geeting says:

      You’re trolling

      • Simply bringing up a topic that, if it were the Republicans putting women in danger for their lives, you’d be on your 17th post by now.

        Being Independent means being able to recognize wrong wherever it exists. It means being able to think for yourself instead of being a mindless hack.

        If you’re a mindless hack, then ignore Democrats putting women in grave danger. And make sure you tell your wife that you’re in favor of your party protecting wife-beaters and sexual harrassers.

        If you can think (like you keep saying that Linguistics degree was for) then tackle this wrong.

        • Jon Geeting says:

          I already wrote about that at Keystone Politics. It’s not the topic of this post. This post is for arguing about John Boehner’s fake offer.

          • So you did a 2 line post on a blog no one reads? Well, no one reads this one either except me and Andrew, but that’s beside the point.

            Again, if this were a Republican fiasco you’d be shouting from the rooftops and be on your 20th post by now. It IS a fiasco, and we all need to be shouting. To reward a wife beating drunk driver is beyond comprehension and your party needs to be held accountable.

            Problem is, the only people that can hold your party accountable with any results are people in your party.

            Don’t be slimy like the rest of them Jon. Stand up for what’s right.

          • Jon Geeting says:

            Actually KP gets thousands of pageviews every day, and traffic’s only grown since I took over there.

          • Bottom line, you’re willing to put the lives of women in danger rather than speak out on an horrible decision by your party.

            So party is more important than a woman’s safety.


          • Jon Geeting says:

            LOL I said I thought it was a terrible decision. If it turns out that he beat his wife, which is not yet officially confirmed, then he belongs in jail, and you’ll hear me say so when the investigation results are reported.

          • Where’s your outrage? Again, if this was the Republicans’ doing, you’d be on your 25th post by now.

            Instead, 2 lines buried somewhere.

            Your actions speak very loudly – the Democratic party is more important than women’s safety. Better tell your wife that she’s not safe at any political gatherings that you attend.

  2. Not a real Counteroffer? perfect match for the moronic offer by little Timmy

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