Scott Armstrong is Making Me Laugh


Republicans need to face the fact that America’s urban residents vote Democratic largely because Democrats have been selling the party’s message on the residents’ radio stations, on their local television stations, at their doors, on their streets, and at their polling stations. Until the Republican establishment commits resources to a long-term strategy to compete on this level directly to the nation’s poor and minority urban residents, we have no hope of winning their votes no matter what our message is.

One more warning to Republican Party leaders: Any plan to attract the votes of America’s minority voters that puts reformulating the party’s tenets ahead of an effort to communicate its philosophy directly to America’s urban neighborhoods will fail completely and create a wider divide between the Republican establishment and its conservative base. That will guarantee failure in 2016 and beyond.

The political message that the Republican Party ran on this cycle was an unsubtly racist message. The message was: “the Democrats want to take your hard-earned white money and give it to lazy brown people.

This was the theme tying together the “47%” comments and Romney’s false claim that Obama had “gutted” the work requirements in welfare reform, and Romney reaffirmed this with his post-defeat comments about Obama’s “gifts” to black and Latino voters. The Republican political message is that there is a large underclass of people who don’t pay taxes and mooch off the people who do. It does not take much of an imagination to figure out which groups of people Republicans think the moochers are.

It was your classic Southern Strategy campaign. The Republicans have been running this same campaign in every political contest from President on down to dogcatcher since 1964. It only failed because there aren’t enough white people to make it work anymore in a national election.

Scott Armstrong thinks the Republicans get routed in the cities because they only blare this racist message in TV commercials, on the Internet, on the radio, and in print ads, and do not try to take the racist message straight to Latino voters’ doorsteps.

Scott, Latino voters are hearing the same message as everybody else. They know what your party is selling and they do not want to buy it. The problem is much bigger than some rhetorical tweaks to the message or a flip-flop on immigration. The underlying problem is that the Republican Party’s economic agenda has absolutely nothing of substance to offer voters who are not millionaires, and their political message has absolutely nothing to offer voters who are not receptive to crass appeals to white racial solidarity.


  1. Yup, that about sums it up.

  2. “The Republican political message is that there is a large underclass of people who don’t pay taxes and mooch off the people who do.” That’s because there IS a large underclass of people who don’t pay taxes and mooch off the people who do.
    If you think urban voters follow political discourse and understand the nuances of the Republican positions, you’re stupid.
    Blacks voted for Obama because he’s black. Significant numbers of others voted for the free stuff they expect and likely will get. Look up “Obama Phone” on youtube

  3. Did you Look up “Obama Phone” on youtube?

    • Jon Geeting says:

      Yes, and I really can’t believe you’re so deep in the right wing bubble that you still think that is a thing

  4. Scott has a point.

  5. Cut the deep bubble bullshit – it’s a thing because it so clearly demonstrates the stupidity of your point

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