If Charlie Dent’s a Moderate, Why Hasn’t He Denounced the No Tax Pledge Yet?

If it were true that Charlie Dent is on the left of the Republican caucus, you’d think he’d have been one of the first out the gate to denounce the Grover Norquist No Tax Pledge, before other more conservative House members. But he hasn’t.


  1. He has. He did so in a meeting with MoveOn a few days ago. Expect to see him do it publicly, too.

  2. Jack Contado says:

    Geeter, help me understand something. Why the maniacal obsession with raising taxes when this revenue will fund the government for 8 days. In fact, take everything earned by everyone over $250K, and you run the pig for about 3 months.
    We don’t know economics like you do, Geeter, so help us

    • Jon Geeting says:

      It’s going to require more than just letting the high income tax cuts expire. I’m for letting them all expire eventually, even the “middle class” portion, but the immediate goal is averting austerity for the people who can’t afford that.

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