How Dumb Is Eric Evans?

Nicole Radzievich gets this money quote:

He said he appreciates the administration’s survey, but has heard no outcry from residents wanting a private hauler. In fact, in community meetings, Evans said he has heard the opposite.

Google “sample size” Eric!


  1. A survey, by Muhlenberg College pollster Chris Borick with a +/-3 percent margin of error, indicates that 65 percent support switching to a citywide hauler if it would lead to cheaper bills and better service.

    Obviously, a single pollster can’t provide a satisfactory answer or set of conditions as to “better service” means in a city with lots of different contracts and providers. What he should have done (based on lack of better options) was taken the outline of the city proposal (frequency, timing, etc) and the “proposed” cost and asked if people would want to switch under those conditions. A “+/- 3 percent” error rate is useless when the poll itself is so poorly defined.

    • Jon Geeting says:

      Quibble with the poll question all you like, but the basic contours of public opinion on this issue are quite clear, and the survey has a vastly larger sample size than Eric Evans’ gut feelings.

      • Never let a simple thing like facts get in the way, right Jon?

      • I wouldn’t call it “quibbling.” Nor would I say either “survey” does much to answer the question.

        Any poll question that uses terms like “better” without any sort of qualification is useless from a policy standpoint.

        Public opinion may be in favor of such a move, but this garbage work isn’t going to tell us much.

        • Jon Geeting says:

          So you think including a description of the proposal – which is in fact better and cheaper than what the median Bethlehem resident now receives – would lead to more than 15 percent of the survey respondents switching their response to No?

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