It was a dramatic moment of silence.

Brad Osborne, chairman of the nine Lehigh County commissioners, asked if any of them wanted to make a motion to replace him as chairman.

None of the other eight commissioners said a word.

After waiting a moment, Osborne said “thank you” — and was applauded by people in the audience at Tuesday night’s meeting.


  1. I thought that Osborne showed some leadership there by crossing party lines and siding with the dems on this budget issue. I still believe that LC government is bloated and there are always ways to improve efficiencies; however, the way the tea party slate arbitrarily picked a number to be cut and then pushed it back on the exe without any real knowledge of the ramifications was short sighted poor governing to say the least.

    Unfortunately, i think that Osborne will end up the same way as browning did a few years ago and get crucified by extremists.

    • Jon Geeting says:

      So name some line items you’d cut. Everybody can see the same budget. Personally I think county government needs to get larger not smaller, and take over more of municipalities’ responsibilities like policing, EMS, fire protection and land use planning. Bill Hansell likes the county police idea, but apparently he’s not going to push it. It’s too bad, since Lower Mac is toying with the idea of starting their own department. Hansell could extend them the option of County police coverage and then other municipalities could start contracting for the service later.

      Dougherty and Osborne should switch parties and Dougherty should run for County Exec as a Democrat.

  2. Agree.

    You’ll remember I said it before, I don’t trust Ott and his band of idiots, didn’t vote for them, and won’t support them.

    I also don’t hear any big groundswell of support for them here either. I’m hearing much more for Dougherty and Osborne.

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