If You Build Them, They Will Rent

Looks like more developers are starting to heed the Lesson of 2012 – if you build high quality apartments in the Lehigh Valley’s 3 cities, they get gobbled up right away.

Proposal to turn old Allentown hat factory into artists’ lofts gets preliminary approval

Upscale Apartments Coming to Allentown Arena Zone

History’s Headlines: The Livingston – once ‘the nicest apartment house in Allentown’ – set for a facelift

Bethlehem’s Walnut Street parking garage could get 10 stories of apartments

The idea to put 10 stories of apartments on top of the parking garage in Bethlehem is my favorite. More residential in the real downtown area would obviously be great for business, and it’s awesome to see people actually trying to take full advantage of the huge zoning envelope in the CB zone. It’s a scandal that so many key downtown land parcels are devoted to parking garages that don’t even have any street-facing retail. Just a lot of long blank walls where there could be more shops. Hopefully this project turns out to be buildable.


  1. Um, maybe I’m missing something, but where does it say that any of these apartments were rented out?

    I certainly hope that they will be, but I find it interesting that the most substantial building is in the city with good quality of life and minimal tax incentives to build.

    • Jon Geeting says:

      I was referring to the Pomeroy building in Easton and the Farr’s building in Bethlehem, both of which filled up right away.

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