National GOP Budget Nihilism Come to Lehigh County Commission

Nevermind that the PA’s third largest city is having to consider selling its water infrastructure to stave off bankruptcy. Nevermind that Republican DA Jim Martin says the Tea Party slate’s proposed budget cuts will have significant costs to public safety. It’s an excellent time for a fucking tax cut!

Also note that the tea people want Bill Hansell to wipe their butts find their cuts for them, as if they don’t have access to the same budget numbers he does.

This is a glimpse of what you can expect from national budget politics in 2020 (or if you prefer, a replay of budget politics in 2000). Once the Democrats have finally righted the nation’s finances, the Republicans will start clamoring for tax cuts. The deficit is the problem, until the surplus is. Democrats have no choice but to clean up after the Republicans at the state and local level where balanced budgets are required by law, but there’s no reason to play this game at the federal level.



  1. I know this is an advocacy blog. However, while constant calls for tax cuts in lieu of developing predictable, balanced, and stable revenues are a large civic problem in politics, they are not the ones that caused the problem at the local level. Nor is this the reason that Allentown wants to sell the sewer.

    Paying wages and long term pensions to satisfy one particular interest group, which flew in the face of any reasonable expectations for growth or revenues does not make one an “evidence based” group of policymakers–as one party likes to claim. Frankly, stupid decisions like those cannot be remedied by regionalism, higher taxes, or anything else because the reasons for them cannot be explained by any sort of rationality or basic understanding of mathematics.

    • Jon Geeting says:

      No argument from me about Allentown’s insane pension decisions in the past. Going forward, I don’t see how the Republican commissioners think they are helping the situation by kneecapping the criminal justice system on top of the other problems.

  2. The Tea Party knows it doesn’t have the votes to override. They just need a forum to expound their discredited ideas, and the Lehigh County Commissioners’ meeting is as good as any. By drawing their fire/ire, the Commissioners are doing a favor to local school boards, the usual unfortunate targets of tightwads. Maybe setting the retirement age at 65 was a mistake. Too many years of boredom, too many opportunities for mischief.

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