How to Win the Allentown Water Privatization Ballot Initiative

The break-glass-in-case-of-emergency, last resort political tool of Allentown politics has to be a ballot initiative to repeal the English Only statute in the city charter.

When that racist language was originally inserted in the charter, Latino voters were not nearly as numerous as they are today.

Put the English Only repeal on the ballot in the same cycle as a another popular ballot initiative you want to pass, and your other ballot initiative is sure to benefit from a surge in turnout.

If water privatization opponents want an extra boost to shut down the privatization push, they should also organize to put English Only repeal on the ballot.

What else would people like to see on the Allentown ballot in 2013? I would like to see a ballot initiative directing the Allentown School District to adopt the city’s 5-1 ratio of land to building taxes.


  1. I think this ballot initiative, if it somehow makes it, will win. The Mayor has been remarkably unconvincing on this issue.


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