On Election Day, Be Sure to Vote a Straight Ticket

Tired of the debt ceiling hostage crises and government shutdown threats? That’s what divided government looks like in our era of ideologically-sorted parties, its what made this the Worst Congress Ever and it’s only going to get more frightening if you send Barack Obama another Republican House and Senate.

Don’t split your ticket. Figure out which party’s platform you think suits you better and then vote for all that party’s candidates.


  1. If you’re an extremist on either side of the spectrum, then do what Jon says here and vote a ticket.

    However, if neither party works for you, then split your ticket and send a message that extremism is not acceptable and will not be tolerated.

    Don’t settle for the crap being foisted on you by both parties. Take a stand and make it count.

  2. Dang. I read this too late 😉

  3. Jon Geeting says:

    John, even for somebody like you who is kind of stupid about politics, I don’t know what’s so hard to understand about this. When you reelect a Congressman, he thinks he has the people’s mandate. When you reelect a President of the opposite party, he also thinks he has the people’s mandate. Both will act like they have a directive not to compromise, and then we get fake debt crises and government shutdowns. You are not sending the message you think you are sending. Divided government does not work in the era of highly disciplined, ideologically coherent parties. It just doesn’t.

    • Jon you’re an extremist, so of course you’re fine with this. However, most of America is not. We’re not extremists and don’t want an extremist government.

      Given the way both parties have gone extreme, our only way to stop it is to split our tickets. Ultimately, our hope is that it will force the parties to work together.

      Your case that we should be like sheep and accept extremism doesn’t hold up.

      • Jon Geeting says:

        First of all, the Democratic Party is in its historic ideological range. There’s no big shift there. The difference is that the Republican Party has gone completely off the reservation. http://voteview.com/blog/?p=494

        Second, this is not an argument for extremism. It’s an argument for greater accountability. The clearer it is which party is in charge, the stronger an incentive they have to deliver strong economic growth.

        • It’s an argument for accepting extremism Jon, or more accurately resigning yourself to extremism. I reject that argument and refuse to accept extremism from either side.

          Republican leadership is off the reservation, just as Democratic leadership is. I could bring up just as many “studies” that show Democrats are extreme as you can they’re not. That’s nothing but mental masturbation. The fact is the only people who think the Democratic party isn’t extreme are extremists like you.

  4. Discipline, perhaps. Not sure I’m giving you coherent party positions. At least, they aren’t much more coherent than they were 20 or 30 years ago.

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