Why Not Build the 500 Apartments in the LV Cities?

Few things rankle more than high density multifamily housing getting built on greenfield land when there’s so much unused urban land available. Why not build these 500 apartments on the surface parking lots along 3rd Street in South Bethlehem? Why not build them on the surface lots on the Easton waterfront? Why not build them next to one of the Allentown parks? That’s where it makes sense to add high density housing.

That said, building the apartments next to the excellent Louise Moore Park is a good application of another one of my favorite ideas – building high density housing next to parks. Louise Moore Park is a great park. It would be awesome to live next to it. And it would be that much more awesome if a whole lot of people got to live next to it.


  1. What 500 apartments?

  2. Ah, ok.

    Well, as for Allentown no one wants to live there so building 500 apartments would be a disaster. Southside Bethlehem and Easton are maybe’s.

    Obviously the research done by the builder says to build by the park. Maybe you could put an investment group together and build i the cities? I’d be curious what your plans turn out to be when you have your own money on the table.

    • Jon Geeting says:

      If I had money to invest that’s definitely what I’d be doing. Would be lobbying to get the parking minimums changed first though.

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