Geeting Married, Going to Mexico

The newly-wedded Geeting
Unit is headed down to Tulum, Mexico on honeymoon this morning, so no blogging will be happening here until the 31st. I didn’t buy a mobile data package for the trip so I really won’t be reading the Internet at all this time.

Please (!) flag any interesting land use and development politics news for me in the comments, of any other stuff you think I’d like to be up to date on.


  1. Robert Sharpe says:

    Smart to leave behind all temptation of work and other distractions. Do not read newspapers or watch American TV. Drink bottled water and be careful (paranoid) when washing your hands with public tap water.
    Mexico vacationer

  2. The apartment boom in Pittsburgh continues – “They’re renting as fast as they can get them built.” Mark Belko reports that in the last four years the number of apartments in downtown Pittsburgh has increased from 1,800 to 2,262. 200 additional units are under construction and another 750 are in the planning stages.

    This sounds similar to what we’ve heard recently about the success of new apartments in downtown Bethlehem and Easton.

  3. The Atlantic Cities has a story about a struggling commercial district in Birmingham where a mix of public and private actions sparked revitalization:
    1. The city used money from the federal stimulus to invest in an adjacent park (parks create value that can be captured with more intense private investment on adjacent land)
    2. The state updated outdated liquor laws, which spurred entrepreneurs to open a microbrewery in the neighborhood (an update to PA’s liquor laws could make it easier for a pub or brewery to open in the Lehigh Valley)
    3. An owner of vacant storefronts held a contest that awarded free rent to a new business for six months. The contest received 75 entries. (Occupied storefronts attract more pedestrian activity, which helps other businesses succeed and builds towards a critical mass downtown).
    4. The contest and other elements created a buzz for the commercial district. The story ends with a quote from an expert in real estate development and public economics. He discusses the revitalization of a struggling district, and the importance of creating momentum and reaching critical mass. (The NIZ is attracting major employers and funding the new arena. It is also creating a buzz. Around the valley people are talking about all the expected growth downtown. Hopefully that will be the spark that pushes downtown towards a critical mass.)

    • “Very serious leads” are not offers.

      This property has had interest for decades, but once the challenges come out they all fall apart. It won’t stand even with NIZ support, it’s going to need more.

  4. Chuck Marohn argues that traffic congestion is a good thing:

  5. Who benefits from Job poaching? Is anyone willing to address fundamental job creation?

  6. Man you couldn’t have picked a better time to be away. Hope the wedding and honeymoon was/is fantastic!

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