Gracedale a Year Later

It’s looking like the people who predicted big tax increases if Northampton County kept Gracedale publicly-owned – a group which included me – have been wrong so far. There are still some medium and long-term issues to watch out for, like the overall rate of health care price inflation, and the ongoing debates over Medicaid reimbursement rates, but so far the fiscal worrywarts aren’t looking so prescient.

Personally I’d still rather see County government get out of the nursing home business and into the policing, firefighting, and land use planning businesses, but I guess if Gracedale ends up having a more modest impact on the budget, there’s no reason the County can’t do it all.





  1. There’s no reason they can’t do them all. If counties take on those new things, municipalities can get out of them. This means a bump in taxes for the county, yes, but a drop for the municipalities. It’s cheaper for the county to run services anyway, so it’ll result in a net drop in taxes.

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