Charlie Dent’s Fake Voter Fraud Talking Points

Eric Weisz says Charlie Dent has been willfully spreading disinformation about voter fraud – a problem that does not exist:

Then Dent mentions a poll in Philadelphia where more than 100% of the registered voters voted. Meaning there were more people that were registered to vote at a poll voting on election day. Now this has been used by Tom Corbett and several PA Lawmakers. What they are talking about is a certain poll during a Democratic Primary, in 2011, had more votes cast than people who signed in to vote. The linked article points out machine error or poll workers not registering voters properly for the possible issue. While the Philadelphia Lawmakers are looking into this it was not an issue of widespread fraud.


  1. Let’s see…you state the matter is being “looked into,” castigate Dent for drawing conclusions on it, then draw conclusions yourself.

    Yeah, that makes sense.

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