Capitalize On Your Assets: Phillipsburg Waterfront Edition

The best thing Phillipsburg, NJ has going for it is that it has riverfront land that’s directly across from Easton, PA, whose downtown has been doing pretty well in recent years. The more this area becomes one town in the minds of residents and tourists, the better off Phillipsburg is going to be.

To that end, constructing a nice riverside trail along the Delaware that merges with trails on the PA side is a great public investment. This will make the waterfront land more desirable, increasing the value of the land, and making development of the area across the river from Easton a more lucrative investment:

Phillipsburg is looking to install a trail along the Delaware River with hopes of expanding it into Pennsylvania.

Engineer Stanley Schrek appeared before council earlier this month to announce developer Michael Perrucci granted the town permission to cut a trail through his property along Howard Street.

“We’ve envisioned for quite a long time a walkable trail that would begin at the boat ramp and extend all the way through the town,” Schrek said. “If we do that, we’re the only town in Warren County that has a continual trail along the entire (Morris) canal bed.”

David Foster also has a nice quote from Sal Panto showing he gets it, as usual:

Easton Mayor Sal Panto Jr. said he is in favor of the idea.

“Anything we can do to connect more municipalities to trails makes it a more attractive quality of life for people to move here,” Panto said. “We have some great natural scenery.”

Panto said he has talked with Wyant about the communities connecting with passenger rail service, trails or a joint river festival.

“We’re really one community separated by water,” Panto said.

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