LANTA Looking at Bus Rapid Transit

Bus Rapid Transit would be much less expensive than a regional rail system, and could be even better if done right. Here is what the most successful BRT systems are doing. Here is Andrew George on what LANTA is planning:

LANTA hopes to speed up people’s trips so its buses are “more convenient and competitive with the automobile,” said LANTA Planning Director Owen O’Neil.

Many of the suggestions are small. Moving stops from one side of the road to the other, in some cases, could be a feasible way to make up time.

Others are larger, including running more express buses, which stop at some of the major destinations along priority corridors but avoid smaller stops, making bus-only lanes on some streets, and making road improvements so buses don’t spend as much time parking and pulling away from bus stops.

Transit times could also improve by using traffic signal priorities. Police, firefighters and ambulances already make use of traffic signal priorities in some locations, so the bus service would not have to put new technology into effect.

Police use “signal pre-emption” in some areas, where they can switch the light from red to green. The bus service wouldn’t go that far; O’Neil said the organization is considering “signal priority,” which would give drivers the ability to delay a light from changing from green to red for about 10 seconds, long enough to get through and save a few seconds of time for commuters.


  1. The first time LANTA talked about this type of service was in the 1980’s. I can’t believe it’s never been implemented.

    Another board and management team that needs to go.

  2. My sense is that Armand Greco is pretty good actually. You don’t think so?

    • He was exceptionally good, but he’s playing alot of golf now (seriously, not kidding/using a metaphor) and I wonder how checked-out he is toward retirement . He’s been there since the late 1970s. And if you look at their board, it’s weak.

      Agree with GDub below, this one is a winner.

  3. I think more cities would benefit from this sort of program. Far less capital intensive than trains.

  4. Jon Geeting says:

    Who picks the board members? County pols?

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