#VoterID Decision Is Bad, But Probably Not 6 Points Bad

I’d guess the voter ID law is probably worth about 2 points for Romney. It’s definitely not enough to close the 6 point gap with Obama. The polling in recent months shows Obama with somewhere between a 6 and a 10 point lead.


  1. I like the law, but we need to follow it up to get IDs in the hands of the people that need them, quickly (and free for low/mod income eligible voters).

    This isn’t rocket science – get 2 dozen mobile photo ID centers, staff them with people who aren’t perpetually surly and know what to do (that eliminates all of PennDOT’s employees), and get them out there.

    If you know someone who needs help getting an ID to vote, then help them get it taken care of (great charity project for you to work on Jon – but don’t discriminate against conservative people, that means it’s not charity it’s partisan politics and pretty slimy to boot, even for you).

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